Annual Report

2016-2017 was a big year for The Perennial Farming Initiative. We conducted numerous outreach events ranging from a regenerative farming tour at Stemple Creek Ranch, in conjunction with CUESA and Slow Food SF. We conducted large scale public engagement events at The Asian Art Museum and The JCCSF with Paul Hawken. We gave talks and conducted outreach at The Cal Academy of Sciences, Salesforce Design Leadership Conference, Google AirBnB, IDEO, and more. We also conducted several tours of our aquaponic greenhouse and began consultation with Planting Justice on Oakland based aquaponic facilities as part of our ongoing efforts to promote urban agriculture. Our Co-Founder, Anthony Myint was nominated for the Basque Culinary Prize and participated in a James Beard Foundation Chef-Activism gathering.

But most importantly, we began work on a sweeping project to engage consumers with farming called The Healthy Soil Guide ( The goal is to reframe farming as a climate solution as a strategy to reconnect people with agriculture and to make good farming something legible and straightforward. We're underway with scientific guidance from SNAPP's Managing Soil Carbon Working Group and a charter group of chefs working on a call to action video with Soil Solutions. 

We received grants from RSF Social Finance's Soil Health Collaborative, Real Food Media and the Sye Family Foundation and continue to seek funding to expedite the launch and broaden the reach of the Healthy Soil Guide. 

Stemple groundwork montage.jpeg

Groundwork party

Children and adults spreading compost and planting Redwoods as part of the carbon ranching plan at Stemple Creek in Marin County, CA. (Followed by lunch and small group discussions.) Organized with CUESA and Slow Food San Francisco

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drawdown getdown

Curated by The Perennial Farming Initiative with JCCSF, the event included a rousing presentation by Paul Hawken, art from Lexicon of Sustainability, regenerative food from Straus Creamery and The Perennial, Kernza beer from Patagonia Provisions, hands-on exhibits by PFI. 

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healthy soil guide

Healthy soil enhances flavor, nutrition, soil’s water-holding capacity, and—critically—a farm’s ability to draw down carbon dioxide and mitigate global warming. We've foregrounded Soil Organic Matter as a signpost steering consumers and chefs to regenerative farms and ranches.